Today Selfie: I Could Look Much Better.

I have a self-esteem problem, where I worry much about my messy hair, my bad skin, and other stuff. I really am not confident with them. But a friend told me “you looked fine”. Am I?

Anyway. Even though I think I’m in a bad condition, I think I’ll still post few selfies here and there sometimes. Personally to record myself and have a little bit more confidence.

Anyway, here’s a selfie I took this morning (23 May 2022 ; 7:37 AM @ GMT+7).

I tried my best to hide some of my face today. Did you realise that I have a crooked nose? Hahaha 😂 It was because of an accident I had when I was a kid. And also, this morning I was too lazy to shave.

Work again, starting today with a meeting, then full 10 hour day starting tomorrow. I hope I can also try to do my best and enjoy it, or maybe because that’ll be impossible, at least to numb it/try not to feel it and just do it, quickly finishing it all.

You can do this Pep. This will totally be fine. I will be fine, and I’ll do well, I am sure. I mean, last work week, 46 from around 80-100 was checked by QC and they only found 3 minor errors, which means I have extremely low rate of errors. Considering there can be lots of major errors and minor errors possible on every checked profile, having 1 minor error per profile with the rate around 5% (5 minor errors every 100 profile) is absolutely good in my opinion. I feel a little bit proud about it!

I feel a lot better after thinking about that. Let’s hope that I can feel good for the rest of the week too. Let’s order salad, juices, etc, healthy yet tasty stuff this week too.

Ooh. I still worry and feel a little uncomfortable about work though. I really hope it can go well.

World, please let me feel happy and comfortable this week. 🙏🏻

Edit: This evening I took another picture with less hair hiding my oily, and shiny face 😂 ; But still hides my obscenely wide forehead. I bet you could land an airplane there.

My hair is just so messy, frizzy, and my skin are oily and full of enlarged pores. Now that I think about it, my hand looked to has a much brighter tone, and look smoother! Geez whyyyy. (23 May 2022 ; 18:14 PM @ GMT+7)….
I really do have a crooked nose, I swear! Just the lighting make it not very visible, but you should be able to see the nose bridge that doesn’t seem to meet each other.

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