O2Jam Song / BeautifulDay (뷰티풀데이) – Song of Vacation (휴가쏭) Lyrics (가사)

I was looking for easily accessible lyrics of this song, I usually will look o2jam fandom wiki to look for the lyrics, but for some reason the page for song of vacation there has no lyrics (even though there are lyrics for the Lonely Song and Song of Pain). I found the lyrics in Korean and wanted to add it to the wiki, well, at first. I don’t know how to add one, and it seems they require you to sign up to do it, so I guess, no deal, I don’t want to sign up and get spammed by nonsense fandom things. Fandom is already way cluttered and full of ads with autoplay video which is the worst, I’d rather not find out what they will send via email as well.

So anyway, I guess I just put the lyrics in Hangeul, romaja/romaji, and perhaps English translation (MTL because I don’t understand Korean). The most unfortunate thing is that the lyrics doesn’t include the chatter/rap/interlude/intermezzi I don’t know music terms.


내 맘 돌아선 미팅에도 하나 건진게 없어
이런 나의 미모 알아줄 그런 왕자님 찾고 말꺼야

저기 저 남자 내게 윙크하네요(야 시간있냐?)
나의 왕자님 기필코 찾고 말꺼야(나 잡아 봐라~)

파도치는 바닷가 시원한 비키니
이제 내꺼야 나의 왕자님

저기 저 여자 내게 윙크하네요
나의 공주님 이제 기필코 찾고 말꺼야

파도치는 바닷가 시원한 비키니
이제 내꺼야 나의 공주님


nae mam doraseon mitingedo hana geonjinge eopseo
ireon naui mimo arajul geureon wangjanim chajgo malkkeoya

jeogi jeo namja naege wingkeuhaneyo(ya siganissnya?)
naui wangjanim gipilko chajgo malkkeoya(na jaba bwara~)

padochineun badasga siwonhan bikini
ije naekkeoya naui wangjanim

jeogi jeo yeoja naege wingkeuhaneyo
naui gongjunim ije gipilko chajgo malkkeoya

padochineun badasga siwonhan bikini
ije naekkeoya naui gongjunim


I’ve been to so many meetings, but I found nothing.
I’ll never find a prince who’ll appreciate my beauty like this.

That guy over there is winking at me (Hey, do you have time?)
I’ll definitely find my prince (Catch me!)

Cool bikini on the waving beach,
You’re mine now, my prince!!

That girl over there is winking at me,
My princess, I’ll be looking for you now!

Cool bikini by the waving beach,
You’re mine now, my princess!!


Lyrics source: https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.naver?isHttpsRedirect=true&blogId=holpi37&logNo=220926205729

Translator used: DeepL and GoogleTranslate.

I might add Lonely Song and Song of Pain lyrics with romanisation and English translations next time, because the fandom wiki just list the hangeul lyrics.