Just a boring guy, using this site primarily to unload his mental baggage, or interest, or whatever I was thinking at the time.

My ugly, neglected self.

In case you want to know more;

  • You can call me Pepo,
  • I’m 27 in 2022,
  • I’m a man,
  • I think I’m a queer, not entirely sure, never dated anyone,
  • I can speak and understand enough English to communicate, less so with Japanese,
  • I have interest in artsy things, though I’m having trouble creating any,
  • I also have trouble in genuinely supporting mainstream/popular artist,
  • I, at times, has deppressive episodes, when it got bad I can be suicidal,
  • Socially awkward,
  • and an introvert–borderline recluse.

Maybe what I wrote, or created can give you some more imagination about what kind of guy I am, if all those points above not enough for you. Thank you so much for reading, I know it’s kinda weird, but I’m glad that someone read something that I wrote, something that I created.

You can contact me by reaching this address below